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Manual Transfer Switches
with Cam-Locks

The standard in safety and outdoor reliability, Roam's MTC 7000 series Manual Transfer Switch panels provide a secure and easy-to-connect Cam-Lock connection between a generator and building main power, letting you switch a building main circuits (by means of physically turning a switch) between utility power and generator power. Roam's Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) panels combine a Generator Connection Box and a Transfer Switch, providing a single-panel solution for exterior connection and switching of emergency power. Models are available at 200 Amps and 400 Amps, in both Single-Phase and Three-Phase versions, and in panels supporting up to 240 VAC, up to 480 VAC, and up to 600 VAC. All of Roam's MTS panels are UL 1008 listed, NEMA 3R rated, and use Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok* brand E1016 (J-Series/16 Series) Male Cam-Lock connectors. 


Roam's line of MTS panels includes Service Entry Rated panels, Switched Neutral panels, and panels with no Neutral connection. These panels are all built with a dedicated wire chase (wireway) in the back to allow safe cable entry (via conduit) from the bottom. Roam's MTS panels all use Open (Open Transition) transfer switches, with On-Off-On corresponding to Utility-Off-Generator positions.

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