Manual Transfer Switch Cam-Lock Panel
Single-Phase 400A
MTC 7001 ES4Kv

Roam's MTC 7001 ES4Kv series ("v" = Voltage Code) of 400 Amp Manual Transfer Switch panels provide a secure and easy-to-connect Cam-Lock connection between a generator and building main power, letting you switch a building main circuits (by means of physically turning a switch) between utility power and generator power. Roam's Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) panels combine a Generator Connection Box and a Transfer Switch, providing a single-panel solution for exterior connection and switching of emergency power. Roam's MTS panels are UL 1008 listed and use E1016 (J-Series/16 Series) Male Cam-Lock connectors.

Roam's line of MTS panels includes Service Entry Rated panels, Switched Neutral panels, and Alternate Wire capable panels for critical emergency power. These panels are all built with a dedicated wire chase (wireway) in the back to allow safe cable entry (via conduit) from the bottom. Roam's MTS panels all use Open (Open Transition) transfer switches, with On-Off-On corresponding to Utility-Off-Generator positions.

The standard in safety and outdoor reliability, Roam's line of NEMA 3R rated Manual Transfer Switch boxes makes connecting—and switching power from—a portable generator to your site fast, easy, and most importantly safer. Roam uses genuine Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok* brand connectors. Similar compatible connectors are sometimes referred to as "Cam-Lock" connectors by their manufacturers, distributors, and/or users.

  • On-Off-On (Open) Transfer Switch
  • Single-phase power, at up to 200A
  • 240 VAC, 480 VAC, & 600 VAC rated panels
  • All Aluminum construction
  • Brown-Orange-Yellow connectors at 480VAC
  • Service Entry Rated & No Neutral Options
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • UV-resistant four-color labels
  • Built to NEMA 3R standard
  • Internal and external grounding studs
  • Four Male E1016 Cam-Lok connectors
  • Alternate Wire Option


Roam's MTC 7001 ES4Kv series 400 Amp Manual Transfer Switch boxes accept either #2 to 2/0 or 2/0 to 4/0 cables via Cam-Lock plugs on the generator cable side, and from 6 AWG to 350 MCM cables on the internal wireway side. All cables used should be specified by a qualified electrical designer or electrician to support the maximum possible current draw through a specific connection.

Voltages up to 600VAC

Roam offers MTC 7001 ES4Kv series 400 Amp Manual Transfer Switches in models that support up to 240 VAC (120v, 208v, 230v, 240v)—MTC 7001 ES4K2, up to 480 VAC (277v, 330v, 440v, 480v)—MTC 7001 ES4K4-BOY, and up to 600 VAC (575v, 577v, 600v)—MTC 7001 ES4K6, which are UL Listed at those voltage levels. Brown-Orange color coding (for labels, Cam-Locks, & Cam-Lock spring caps) is normally used for most 480 VAC applications.

Service Entry Rated Option

Many of Roam's MTC 7001 ES4Kv series Manual Transfer Switch panels are Service Entry rated, meaning that these panels are suitable for use as service equipment/service disconnects. A service disconnect is simply the first disconnect between the external power source (utility or generator) and building main circuits. All of our Service Entry rated MTS panels have a "-SE" extension in their part number. Service Entry rated panels are available with a standard UL listing (USA), but not with a cUL (Canadian) listing.

Switched Neutral Option

Normally, MTS panels are built with the Neutral connection not running through the Transfer Switch (frequently referred to as a "solid" Neutral). However, Roam does offer a Switch Neutral option, where the Neutral connection is switched through Transfer Switch (i.e., an additional pole runs through the Transfer Switch). Switch Neutral panels are typically used when the generator is grounded as a separately derived system at the site. It is important to be aware that Switched Neutral panels can not also be Service Entry rated under UL 1008. We advise that before selecting a Switch Neutral option, you should consult a qualified electrical designer who is familiar with your site and local electrical codes. All of Roam's Switched Neutral rated MTS panels have a "-SN" extension in their part number.

Alternate Wire Option for Critical Emergency Power

Roam offers an Alternate Wire option for its MTC 7001 ES4Kv 400A Manual Transfer Switch panel line designed for critical emergency power users, such as police/fire/EMS departments, utilities, government agencies, and military bases. This option allows generators to be securely connected to the MTS—even when Cam-Lock containerized cables are unavailable.

Roam MTS panels with this option can accept unterminated cables (90º C insulation, copper wire only) of any size from 4 AWG to 350 MCM through special spring cap-covered access ports. The electrician making the emergency hook up simply opens the inside front panel, feeds the stripped end of the cables up to a set of dedicated lugs inside the MTS panel, tightens those lugs to the specified torque, and then closes and secures the inside front panel, and a power connection to the generator is ready for use.

Note that Alternate Wire terminals are for emergency use only; installers should never use both Cam-Lock connectors and Alternate Wire terminals at the same time. Installers should also check to ensure that the cable size/type they are using can support the Amperage that may be drawn.

Canadian Color Coding Available

Any Roam panels with power connectors normally color-coded (for Cam-Locks, Spring Caps, and Labels) as L1=Black, L2=Red, & L3=Blue are also available in the typical Canadian color-coding format of L1=Red, L2=Black, & L3=Blue. If you need to order a unit with the Canadian color scheme, just add a "-CAN" to the end of the Model Number. If you are connecting to a generator that uses the US color coding (L1=Black, L2=Red, L3=Blue), then you may want the standard US color system (so long as local electrical codes allow). Note that Service Entry rated panels are not cUL listed.

Spring Caps

Some of the MTC 7001 ES4Kv panels are also available without Cam-Lock Spring Caps. Roam strongly recommends the Spring Cap version to help protect the Cam-Lock connectors' brass conductors from insects, spider webs, dust, and corrosion. Omit the "K" from the model number to order a version of this panel without Spring Caps. MTC 7001 ES4Kv panels with the Alternate Wire option must have Spring Caps as live electrical contacts could otherwise be exposed.

Model Numbers & Options

Base Model Number Up to 240VAC Up to 480VAC Up to 600VAC No Spring Caps
MTC 7001 ES4Kv MTC 7001 ES4K2 MTC7001 ES4K4-BOY MTC 7001 ES4K6 MTC 7001 ES2v

The "v" in the part number represents a code of either 2 (for up to 240 VAC panels), 4 (for up to 480 VAC panels), or 6 (for up to 600 VAC panels).

For the Service Entry rated option, add "-SE" to the base model number. For the Switched Neutral option, add "-SN" to the base model number. Switched Neutral panels can not also be Service Entry rated under UL 1008. For the Alternate Wire option, add "-ALT" to the base model number. Alternate Wire panels can not be built without Spring Caps.

UL-cUL Listed Logo

UL 1008 Listed—US & Canada

All MTS Panels—Except for Service Entry rated panels. Service Entry rated panels are not cUL Listed.