Generator Interface Panels

Roam offers an extensive line of Generator Interface Panels (Generator Connection Boxes) designed to provide a secure Cam-Lock connection point for emergency power for wireless sites.

Roam's line of Generator Interface Panels includes 16 Series Cam-Lock panels at 200 Amps, 400 Amps, 800 Amps and 1200 Amps, as well as 240 VAC (240V), 480 VAC (480V), and 600 VAC (600V). Roam's Generator Interface panels are UL Listed (US & Canada), except for the 150 Amp Mini Cam-Lock (15 Series) panels, which are not UL Listed.

Series 16 Cam-Lock panels are widely used in the telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment industries. Depending on the industry, application, and manufacturer, this type of Cam-Lock enclosure may be known by many names, including: Tap Boxes, Inlet Boxes, Gen Boxes, Docking Stations, Generator Connector Panels, Generator Connection Boxes, Generator Plugs, and Generator Quick Connects.

Roam's line of Generator Connection Panels are available with Brown-Orange-Yellow color-coded labels at 480VAC. In addition, Roam panels can be custom-built with connectors and labeling in a myriad of other color configurations and/or languages to meet any national or regional standard. Note that some custom configurations may not be UL listed.

Roam only uses genuine Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cam-Lok* brand connectors (except for our line of Mini Cam-Lock Panels). Similar compatible connectors are sometimes referred to as "Cam-Lock" connectors by their manufacturers, distributors, and/or users.

Roam's Generator Interface Boxes (MTC® 6001 and MTC 6003 series) feature male Cam-Lock generator connectors to prevent accidental disconnection of cables, enclosures that meet or exceed the NEMA 3R standard for weather and corrosion resistance, cable strain relief hooks, local safety ground connections, and color-coded connectors and labels for easy and safe installation. Roam's Generator Connector Panels can be used in most applications requiring emergency or supplemental generator power. Spring Cap covers for the Cam-Lok connectors protect against dust or insects.