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Roam Products

Roam Technologies designs and builds Cam-Lock Power Panels, DC Power Supply & Distribution, and RF Systems for a variety of industries, such as Telecom, Entertainment, Public Utilities, Transit, Construction, and Oil & Gas.


Roam makes a range of Cam-Lock based power panels: Generator Interface Panels (for connecting emergency power), Power Output Panels (for temporary power output from a building's line power), Power Input Panels (for power input to trailers, buses, or temporary structures), and Manual Transfer Switches with Cam-Locks.


Widely used in the telecom, electrical, construction, transit, convention, and entertainment industries, such Cam-Lock enclosures are also known as Tap Boxes, Inlet Boxes, Generator Plugs, or Generator Quick Connects. These units are offered in a variety of configurations: from 200 Amp to 1200 Amp, at 240 VAC, 480VAC, or 600 VAC, Single or Three Phase, and Compact or In-Line designs.

Roam's other product lines include temp-controlled outdoor cabinets, DC power & distribution systems, and wireless site base station equipment.

About Roam

Roam Technologies is a privately held corporation founded in 2012. We make a multiple lines of critical infrastructure power and telecom products. Roam designs and builds our products in the United States, eliminating time-consuming, error-prone interactions and delivery issues associated with overseas suppliers. With Roam, there is no "slow boat from China" delaying vital deliveries.

Roam also has exclusive license to manufacture, market, and sell the entire line of Cam-Lock, Telecom, and Power products formerly produced by Micrin Technologies Corporation, Micrin Technologies LLC, United States Radio Frequency (USRF) Corporation, and Micrin Systems.



2268 Green Oaks Road

Fort Worth, TX 76116

Mailing Address

PO Box 121728

Fort Worth, TX 76121


888-966-7626 (Toll Free)

972-435-0008 (Fax)


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