800 Amp Power Output Panels

Supporting up to 800 Amps, Roam's Power Output Panels provide a rugged and cost-effective, exterior connection point for high-capacity external power loads. Roam's line of of 800 Amp Power Output Panels (also known as Outlet Panels, Docking Stations, or Tap Boxes) offer a safe, secure power output connection point for external loads such as lighting, mobile equipment, booths, test load banks, or entertainment venue power.

These Panels use E1016 (J-Series/16 Series) Female Cam-Lok* connectors in two rows of 400A (max) connectors bus-barred together allows the panel to support up to 800A. The standard in safety and outdoor reliability, Roam's line of Power Output Panels makes connecting building (line) power to external or internal loads fast, easy, and most importantly—safe.