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150 Amp Power Output Panels

Roam's MTC® 6003 OESMKv Mini Cam-Lock series ("v" = Voltage Code) of Power Output Panels provides a rugged and cost-effective exterior connection point for external or internal power loads. 


Roam's line of Mini Cam-Lock panels offer a lower power alternative to our standard 16 Series Cam-Lock panels. The Mini Cam-Lock panels support up to 150A using Marinco* brand 15 Series Cam-lock Connectors. Note that Mini Cam-Lock connectors are smaller than and not compatible with 16 Series standard Cam-Lock connectors. These panels are made with Spring Cap covers for the connectors (to protect against dust or insects). Power Output Panels like those made by Roam are also known in various industries under other names such as Outlet Panels, Docking Stations, or Tap Boxes.

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