Power Input Panel - Power Input Box
Single-Phase 150A Mini Cam-Lock

Roam's MTC® 6001 IESMKv Mini Cam-Lock series ("v" = Voltage Code) of Power Input Panels provides a rugged and cost-effective exterior connection point for temporary power input to trailers, buses, or temporary structures.

Roam's line of Mini Cam-Lock panels offer a lower power alternative to our standard 16 Series Cam-Lock panels. The Mini Cam-Lock panels support up to 150A using Marinco* brand 15 Series Cam-Lock connectors. Note that Mini Cam-Lock connectors are smaller than and not compatible with 16-Series standard Cam-Lock connectors. Applications include power input for industrial use, entertainment, and concession trailers. These panels are made with Spring Cap covers for the connectors (to protect against dust or insects).

Roam's Mini Cam-Lock based line of Power Input Boxes makes connecting a temporary power input to line power output from a building (or other structure) to your site fast, easy, and most importantly—safe. Such units are also known in the industry as as Tap Boxes or Inlet Boxes.

  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Built to NEMA 3R standard
  • UV-resistant four color labels
  • Internal and external ground points
  • Marinco Cam-Lock 15-series connectors
  • Color coded spring caps for Cam-Locks
  • Brown-Orange-Yellow connectors for 480VAC
  • 150A rated Female Mini Cam-Lock connectors
  • Single-phase power, up to 150A
  • 240 VAC, 480 VAC, & 600 VAC Rated Panels
  • Spot-welded Galvanneal steel construction
  • Wireway receptacles accept #8–#2 AWG wire
  • Connector plugs accept #8–#2 AWG wire
  • Custom labels & configurations available


Roam's MTC 6001 IESMKv Power Input Boxes accept from #8 to #2 (AWG) cables via Mini Cam-Lock plugs on the generator cable side, and from #8 to #2 (AWG) cables on the internal wireway side.

Voltages up to 600VAC

Roam offers the MTC 6001 IESMKv Power Input Panel in models that support up to 240 VAC (120v, 208v, 230v, 240v)—MTC 6001 IESMK2, up to 480 VAC (277v, 330v, 440v, 480v)—MTC 6001 IESMK4-BOY, and up to 600 VAC (575v, 577v, 600v)—MTC 6001 IESMK6. Brown-Orange-Yellow color coding (for labels, Mini Cam-Locks, & Spring Caps) is normally used for most 480 VAC applications.

Canadian Color Coding Available

Any Roam panels with power connectors normally color coded (for Mini Cam-Locks, Spring Caps, and Labels) as L1=Black & L2=Red are also available in the typical Canadian color coding format of L1=Red & L2=Black. If you need to order a unit with the Canadian color scheme, just add a "-CAN" to the end of the Model Number. If you are connecting the Power Input Panel to a power source that uses the US color coding (L1 = Black, L2 = Red, L3 = Blue), then you may want the standard US color coding (so long as local electrical codes allow).

No Neutral Options Available

Roam's 150A Mini Cam-Lock Power Input Panels (Boxes) can also be ordered with no neutral connection for sites and generator configurations designed for just Ground, L1, L2, and L3 cables. To order a panel without a neutral connector just add a "-NN" to the end of the Model Number. The "No Neutral" panels use only four Mini Cam-Lock connectors.